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                  Product innovation

                  Only innovation can make the company become powerful

                      At the beginning of the establishment, the company takes “technology research and development, talent investment and product innovation” as the basis of Guoxin development.

                      Guoxin first reconnects with Korean companies losing business contact with the former Beijing 3rd Plastic Factory and buys out their high light fabric products after constant exchange and communication. This business makes Guoxin open the market in synthetic leather industry at one stroke and gets a good popularity, and the order comes in large numbers. After several years of exploration, sales amount of Guoxin has reached more than thirty million Yuan at one fell swoop in 2005.

                      Guoxin conducts international technical cooperation with Korea PR-TECH Institute of Polymer Materials, introduces its cutting-edge PUD synthetic leather technology, makes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and builds the first production line of ecological PUD synthetic leather used for automotive interiors in China.

                      Putting on production of waterborne PU is undoubtedly an important boundary point of Guoxin transformation. With the increasingly prominent environmental problems, environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency become the focus advocated by all industries. A number of products developed by Guoxin through independent research and development are closely linked to the theme of environmental protection and energy saving from performance to production, in addition to obtaining the special patents, but also receive great concern by the industry.

                      From buy-out of foreign products, to technical cooperation, then to independent research and development, and finally the formation of the patent of its own products, this road of transformation is more hard and beset with difficulties, but Guoxin people has the spirit of continued effort; after many years of development, Guoxin has perfect quality assurance system, new product research and development center as well as a number of product patent certification. Guoxin has transformed from 100% middlemen at the beginning of the establishment into today’s 85% direct suppliers.



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