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                  Company news

                  Guoxin releases the listing announcement and ushers in a new era of enterprise development

                      Jiangsu Guoxin Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd. (stock name: Guoxin Share, stock code: 835533) was approved to list publicly for transfer in the national stock transfer system through agreement transfer on January 12, 2016.

                      Institute data show that the operating income of Guoxin Share in January ~ June 2015, Year 2014 and Year 2013 is 51.7017 million Yuan, 113 million Yuan and 102 million Yuan respectively; the net profit is 5.3303 million Yuan, 625,700 Yuan and -2.065 million Yuan respectively.

                      Guoxin Share was established in August 2002, and the main business is research and development, production and marketing of PVC artificial leather and polyurethane synthetic leather. Our main products are general PVC artificial leather, ecotypic PVC artificial leather, (TPU modified) PVC ball leather, PUD ecological synthetic leather (automotive leather) and PUD ecological synthetic leather (ball leather).

                      The announcement shows that the hosting securities trader of this public listing is CITIC Securities, the legal counsel is JunZeJun Law Office, and the financial audit is Da Hua Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership).



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